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Vatan Niro Jonub Co.

Introduction to Vatan Niro Jonub Co.

Vatan Niro Jonub Company was founded in 2000 to conduct manufacturing, contracting, and commercial operations in Iran’s electrical power and construction industry. In 2012 and after conducting thorough studies and preparing feasibility study reports, the company registered its proposal to launch the manufacturing project of high and low-carbon steel wires in both black annealed and thick-coated galvanized variations. The proposal was prepared despite the unique production conditions within the industry, aiming to promote Iran’s wire and cable industry and its self-sufficiency. Vatan Niro Jonub Co. is proud to have received the certificate of confirmation from the Ministry of Power to manufacture thick-coated high-carbon galvanized steel wire compatible with international standards. Vatan Niro manufactures its own branded steel wires-used as the core and the inner armor of overhead ASCR cables-in a 5-acre production plant in Isfahan's Great Industrial town.

Vatan Niro Jonub Co.

Vatan Niro Jonub’s Goals and Achievements

Vatan Niro Jonub utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and machinery along with well-equipped laboratories featuring calibration devices to conduct manufacturing, contracting, and commercial operations in Iran’s electrical power and construction industry. The company manufactures high and low-carbon steel wire in thick-coated galvanized and uncoated (black annealed wire) types in various diameters, compatible with both national and international standards. The company aspires to manufacture high-quality and reasonably priced products for the global markets.

Given its current status as one of the prominent manufacturers in Iran, Vatan Niro Co. is determined to add a variety of steel derivatives to it's product range in the near future; therefore playing a significant role in creating job opportunities, manufacturing high-quality products, and contributing to Iran’s growth and prosperity.

atan Niro Jonub Co.’s Board of Directors

The company’s board of directors-consisting of experienced and eminent entrepreneurs along with young, committed, and talented members-contribute to the growth of the company, aiming to promote its name among the prominent companies within the industry.

Members of the Boards of Directors

  • CEO: Mr. Nojtaba Javadinia
  • Chairperson: Mr. Ghasem Vatanparast
  • Vice Chairperson of the Board: Mr. Esmail Vatanparast

Awards, Honors, and Projects

Utilizing a talented and determined young workforce along with the experience of its senior managers, Vatan Niro Jonub Co. has been recognized multiple times as the top manufacturing unit and one of the prominent companies in the industry in various award ceremonies. The company is proud to have received the Ministry of Power’s certificate of confirmation and a letter of appreciation from Iraq’s minister of power. The large number of companies using Vatan Niro’s products is an indication of their quality. Some of these companies are listed in the table below: 

  • Bakhtar Cable Co.
  • Alfa Sanat Pars Co.
  • Alumtek Corp.
  • Mashhad Cable Co.
  • Simco Cable Company
  • Simrod Sama Co.
  • Pouya Sanat Khavarmiyaneh Trading Co.
  • Shahab Sim Sepahan Co.
  • Hamedan Cable Co.
  • Kaj Cable & Conductors Co.
  • Fooladrizan Shahrekord Co.
  • Aflac Electric Co.
  • Shahab Jam Co.
  • Noor Pouya Cable Co.
  • Mahmoud Eslaminejad Company
  • Kian Cable Co.
  • Yazd Kariz Cable Co.
  • Forouzan Yazd Cable Co.
  • Alum Cable Kaveh Co.
  • Sepahan Chalak Ghateh Co.
  • Esfahan Fanar Co.
  • Jahan Fanar Co.

Vatan Niro Jonub Co. (VTN) was founded in 2000 to conduct manufacturing, contracting, and commercial operations within Iran’s electrical power industry.

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